Backwards Biker Pedals for Cure

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Curan Wright is biking cross-country from Nevada to New York in a most unusual way. You see, Wright is riding the wrong way, literally. He's riding backwards to move leukemia research forward.

"If I rode through town forward, people aren't going to notice me," said Wright. "I would be nobody to them. Just another guy riding his bike through town to raise money for leukemia. Now if I ride backwards, I am catching attention to my cause."

Wright started riding his bike backwards to raise money for leukemia research. This ride, his last, is specifically dedicated to his childhood friend, John Wesley Pitts, who he lost to the disease in 1988.

"Basically what makes this ride so special is I was actually doing this ride to get my friend a headstone donated so he would have one," Wright said. "Two weeks before the ride, we did get a gravestone donated by a company in Highland, New York."

Wright started this ride in El Paso, Tex., in mid April. Biking up to 70 miles a day, backwards, he says he hopes to make it to Washington, D.C., before the end of June.

Wright said his friend John is always with him.

"I know he is with me when I am riding. He really watches over me and makes sure that I am okay out there on the highway," said Wright. "But if they see me on an interstate or state highway with 4 lanes, if they could give me a little space, it does reduce a little stress."

You may make donations to Wright's cause by calling 1-800-779-2417, or you may visit his website at www.biking for more information.