Lott on Iraq

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In an interview with Jackson, Miss.'s, WAPT-TV, Sen. Trent Lott reacted to the pictures showing U.S. soldiers abusing Iraqi prisoners and named whom he wants held accountable for some bad pre-war intelligence.

The former majority leader said some types of physical abuse with Iraqi prisoners was justified, as long as it would save American lives.

"Frankly, to save some American troops' lives, or a unit that could be in danger, I think you should get really rough with them," said Lott. "Some of those people should probably not be in prisons in the first place."

Lott was asked about the photos showing a guard holding a dog up to a prisoner.

"Nothing wrong with holding a dog up there unless it ate him, scared him with the dog," he said.

Lott was also asked about a prisoner allegedly dying from a beating.

"This is not Sunday School," said Lott. "This is interrogation. This is rough stuff."

Sen. Lott said, while he still supports the war in Iraq, he is angry about what he calls bad pre-war intelligence. He blamed the leader of the Central Intelligence Agency, George Tenet.

"I believe that George Tenet has to take a lot of the responsibility," Lott said. "If he stays or goes is up to the President. Final analysis, I think it's time for him to move on. If it were my call, I'd say thanks for your service and see you later."