U.S. Attacks Possible

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Seven individuals are wanted for questioning by federal authorities, all suspected of playing some possible role in what could be a major terrorist attack being planned on U.S. soil.

Unfortunately, officials have not been able to gather any specifics about when, where or how these attacks might take place, but they point to a number of high-profile events planned for coming months.

For instance, the dedication of the new World War II Memorial in Washington, the G-8 Summit in Georgia, the Democratic Convention in Boston and the Republican Convention in New York.

Officials say there has been a continuous stream of highly corroborated intelligence that is causing this rising level of alarm. Officials caution that the public face of Al Qaeda may be changing.

Intel sources suggest operatives may be in their twenties or thirties, traveling with families.

The intelligence also suggests Al Qaeda operatives may already be in place in this country, waiting for some kind of signal to launch their attack.

Most of the faces in this warning are not new to the most wanted list. In fact, six of the seven have long been of interest to authorities, two of them since 1998 and the embassy bombings in east Africa.

Currently there are no plans to increase the threat level from yellow, or elevated, to high.