Special Session Day 6

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Senators will have to vote separately to agree to the talks with House members. Some representatives say they are worried that the talks will bog down and lawmakers will be in special session indefinitely with nothing to show for their work.

Rep. Charlie Capps of Cleveland Wednesday reminded his House colleagues about an 83-day special session in 2002, when House-Senate talks dragged on over changes to the civil justice system, but House Judiciary A Chairman Ed Blackmon said he'll work for a resolution.

The vote came after the House Judiciary A Committee worked past midnight Tuesday and rejected another bill to limit lawsuits.

The rejected proposal would have initially capped the awards at $4 million. The cap would have increased to $6 million in July 2011 and to $8 million in July 2017.

Some lawmakers and business lobbyists want $250,000 caps. Trial lawyers oppose any limits on pain-and-suffering awards.