Blood Shortage Looms Before Holiday Weekend

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The Memorial Day weekend is the first holiday of summer. In order to prepare for the unexpected, United Blood Services hosted its "Rally Round the Troops" blood drive Thursday, trying to rally up a supply big enough for any situation.

"We are going into the summer, its always a challenging time,. The Memorial Day is the first holiday and we never know what is going to happen, we hope nothing will but you really never know," said Chris Coffin with United Blood Services.

UBS says military personnel are normally veer loyal donors, but with many of them overseas, the blood supply is strained. Supplies of O positive and O negative are slim to none and thats where the community has to pick up the slack.

"We really would like to thank the community, they always come through when we ask them to," said Coffin.

Donors also got a free carwash for donating blood. Meanwhile, down the street another organization still needs the public's help to support local troops.

"Yesterday we were at the post office and we sent 500 boxes to service men and women. Each one has a name on it. So all of our service men and women in a seven county area will receive a package from the key chapter and this community," Cheri Barry with the local American Red Cross.

Even though they have mailed out all the care packages they still need the publics help to pay the bills and possibly send more supplies.

"We have raised $8,000 and we still need $4,000 more. The boxes have been sent but financially we still need to pay the Red Cross back for the money they have spent," said Barry.

To donate money to help pay for spent care packages or to send more supplies you can log on to and for blood donations head to the United Blood Services, where your services could help save lives.