Al Qaeda Suspect Arrested

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More than just a street preacher in London, U.S. officials say they believe Abu Hamza has ties to Al Qaeda. Hamza faces a long list of terror related charges.

The indictment alleges that Hamza conspired with others in October of 1999 and provided support to create a training camp for violent jihad in Bly, Oregon. Hamza has been arrested by British officials and is being held pending extradition to the U.S.

In fact, officials say Hamza and his followers were stockpiling weapons and ammunition, setting up an Al Qaeda training camp in the northwest and preparing to launch a holy war on U.S. soil.

This just one day after federal law enforcement officials warned Americans of at least seven suspected Al Qaeda terrorists, who may already be in the United States, possibly planning another massive attack.

One of those officials are looking for is Adam Gadahn, 25, who grew up in southern California and later converted to Islam. His father says he does not believe his son is in trouble.

"He's not wanted," said Philip Gadahn. "Apparently he's been out of the country and they think he might have some information."

But many analysts admit that there is not a great deal of new information contained in this latest warning. Six of the seven names presented Wednesday have long been on various law enforcement lists.

"The government has to say to the American public, we're acting responsibly. We've staked our reputation on this and we're telling you that we're doing the best we can," said ABC News consultant, Jack Cloonan.

The strategy may be having a positive effect. Some 900 tips have been reported since the latest warning was issued Wednesday.