Building for the Future

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The grant announced by Cong. Chip Pickering is the culmination of various applications over a seven-year period. The units will be built at the former site of Victory Village on 45th Avenue and 5th Street in Meridian.

Derwin Jackson, director of the Meridian Housing Authority, indicated construction will start around November of this year.

"I think we already have things in place. It's just a matter of the long time it takes us to get all the grants signed and get all the money flowing here," Jackson said.

Allan Stewart, president of the Meridian Housing Authority board of directors, said this will not be the barracks housing of the past.

"This is going to be quality housing that anybody would be proud to live in, and it's going to be a mixed income housing environment where there will be people who have the ability to pay full market rates and will be paying it and others that will be having subsidized income that will be renting units also," Stewart said. "It's going to provide an environment where people can live with pride."

The proposed structures include single-family homes, two-plexes, three-plexes and four-plexes, but nothing larger.

The federal grant will combine with another $1 million in other public grants and $34 million in non-HUD private and public funds for a total project funding of $52.5 million.