Tort Reform Bill Passes

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The lawsuit limitations measure was held in the house on a procedural motion, but Friday was sent to the governor. The bill was passed by the Senate Wednesday.

It has a $1 million cap for pain-and-suffering awards in lawsuits against businesses and a $500,000 cap for the same type of awards in medical malpractice cases.

Gov. Haley Barbour praised lawmakers for passing a bill he says will help end lawsuit abuse in Mississippi. He said a lot of people deserve credit for passing the bill, including some lawmakers who originally opposed it.

“Success has a thousand fathers, but in the case of both Houses passing this compromise bill, there is plenty of credit to go around,” Barbour said.

The governor specifically thanked Lt. Gov. Amy Tuck, House Speaker Billy McCoy, Sen. Travis Little, Rep. J.P. Compretta, Chairmen Charlie Ross and Ed Blackmon, Representatives Jeff Smith and Jim Simpson, Senators Ralph Doxey and Tommy Robertson, and all House and Senate members who voted for comprehensive tort reform.