School Board Talks Money

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The Lauderdale County School Board met in a work session to focus on gaining some direction on several areas for the coming school year. Among the areas of interest was the flexibility to take up to a four percent increase in the budget, which the board finally rejected.

"The board is reluctant to raise taxes and the overall millage reflects that there will be very little dodging the bullet," said superintendent David Little.

In addition to the tax issue, the board also addressed the needs of individual schools. One major project that the board is proposing to work on this coming year is a leaky and damaged roof at Clarkdale Attendance Center. The cost for the repairs could be close to $1 million.
But Little says it has been on the docket for years and has to be done.

"We will have to look at our fund balance. And it is something that has to be addressed. This might not be a good year to do it, but as far as the legislation goes, I certainly hope it won't be," said Little.

Among other projects the board is working on are new air conditioners for certain schools and replacing or upgrading old computers.

The school board will meet again on June 17, when it will discuss estimates on fixing the damaged roof at the Clarkdale.