Supt. Firing Update

"Bittersweet... bittersweet."

That's how Dr. Montrell Greene describes his departure from the East Jasper School District. In April, 10 months after being appointed, the school board voted 3 to 2 to fire Greene. Greene, who is now citing 'wrongful termination' was recently chosen as the new superintendent for the Cleveland School District in North Mississippi. However he says he has more matters to address before officially leaving this area.

"The only thing I can say with certainty is that there are a few loose ends that do need to be tied up. We hope that we can do that because ultimately, everything we do in education should be about children and not about legal matters."

Greene did confirm that he has hired an attorney. We attempted to reach the attorney for the school board. However today, he was unavailable for comment.

Meanwhile, leaders in Heidelberg community have started taking matters somewhat into their own hands.

"Our efforts are going to be ongoing in our quest to remove those board members who were responsible for the removal of Dr. Greene. It's not a personal note but they're just not doing what we want as a community," says Reverend Earnest Johnson.

So far, Johnson says volunteers have collected more than half of the signatures needed for petitions to request a special election for the board members seats. If things go as planed, he says a special election could be held in November.