Montgomery Remembers Reagan

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Retired Congressman G.V. Sonny Montgomery said he cried when he learned of President Reagan's death on Saturday.

Montgomery served 30 years in Congress, including the two terms Reagan was in office.

"He liked the job. He liked to be President and it came across when you were meeting with him," Montgomery said from his Meridian home, describing the fortieth President of the United States.

"He was a great president was a good friend of mine and he was very generous to me," said Montgomery reflected on both his friendship and working relationship with the man known as the "Great Communicator."

Montgomery said he often spoke to the President during his administration about veterans affairs and the military.

"We got some good veterans programs while he was President and our military grew and is strong," said Montgomery.

"He was a great communicator and you felt comfortable with him all the time," Montgomery said. "And he was a charmer and I knew him very well."

Montgomery said he was often invited to Camp David or to just sit and have lunch with Reagan on the White House lawn.

"Here I was a conservative Democrat and he was a moderate Republican and we developed a warm friendship. He would look out and see me at different functions and would point and I would do it back," Montgomery said. "He liked the job and he liked people and legislative programs and the administration."

President Reagan's state funeral will be Friday in Washington, D.C. It has also been declared a National Day of Mourning by President Bush.