Cancer Treatment

Compared to what was known 40 years ago, officials at Jeff Anderson's Cancer Treatment Center say developments in cancer research have more than doubled over the last five years.

"In fact, 60 percent of the people that come to this building are going to be cured. I'm not talking about a remission," said Dr. Scott Anderson with Jeff Anderson Regional Medical Center's Cancer Center. "I'm not talking about putting it in check. I'm talking about curing it."

The cures that have been found, he says, all thanks to research.

As you might expect, different types of cancer need different treatments. That's why a lot of research is being done now to target specific tumors. Although the type of research can be costly in both time and money, doctors say the results are priceless.

In fact, many developments have been made specifically in chemotherapy treatment, including the use of oral drugs.

"There's a drug now that you can take for certain types of cancer, chemotherapy drugs. There's another which is given for lung cancer, so advances are being made and a lot of things are here available that people are not aware of," said Sybil Kamper with the Meridian Oncology Associates.

Something else doctors say the public may not be aware of is the relationship between cancer and being overweight.

"For women, a number of common female malignancies are directly related to obesity," said Dr. Anderson.

With Lauderdale County's Relay for Life set for Friday, Anderson is reminding the public about the importance of taking part.

"I think that everybody in this community will be touched by cancer, directly or through their family, at some point in their life. I don't think anyone will escape it," Anderson said.

Friday's Relay for Life will kick off with the Survivors' Walk at Ray Stadium at 6:00 p.m. For more information call (601) 483-3073.