Medicaid Positives Overlooked?

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Dr. Warren Jones said a new law taking effect July 1 will put more emphasis on Medicaid patients getting physical exams so they can improve their treatment.

Jones also said at some point as yet unspecified, Medicaid patients will get better prescription coverage. They can now get five prescriptions a month, plus two more with permission.

That will change to four brand-name drugs and unlimited generics. No definite date has been set for the prescription changes.

Over the past couple of weeks, some House members have said they regret voting for a bill that will move 65,000 people off of Medicaid starting July 1.

Most of those will be covered by the federal Medicare program.

The cuts are being made to save $41 million. About 60 people protesting the cuts marched on Gov. Haley Barbour's office Tuesday.