MPD Warns Property Owners

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The Meridian Police Department reports that in the last month and a half there has been an increase in both auto and residential burglaries in the city.

Some of them have occurred in the communities north of 20th Street all the way up to North Hills Street during the daytime and early morning hours.

"We want the public to be aware and remove valuables from their cars and other things," said Keith McCary, assistant chief of police. "Some of the items being taken from cars range from cellphones to radios. The residential items include any electronics."

McCary said that the department usually sees a rise in this type of crime every summer, due to people spending more time away from home, because the weather is good.

"This happens every summer and we don't know if it's young children," said McCary. "We receive three to four calls a day regarding this, going through neighborhoods and seeing if cars are unlocked."

Tom Johnson's daughter's house, located on 49th Avenue, has been burglarized three times in the past month. Her doors have been kicked in, windows broken and items stolen.

"I'd like to see this end so my daughter can get on with her life," said Johnson.

"Someone's in the neighborhood that does not belong," said McCary. "Give us a call or if you see anything suspicious. The pattern looks the same and it may be the same person."

Police advise that burglary is a felony with a minimum of five years in prison for those convicted.