For Whom the Bell Tolls

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You could hear them in New York. Los Angeles. Massachusetts. The toll continued even in Livingston, Alabama.

Each ring of the church bell was a tribute to the passing of Ronald Reagan, the USA's 40th President.

"In honor of president of Reagan and all that he did for this country as a representative of Girl Scout Troop 319 and a member of First Presbyterian Church," said Martha Watt, a Girl Scout.

At 1:15 Eastern time, when the State Funeral was over, towns across the nation took a moment to pay their respects.

That sound had a special meaning for Kaye Kiker. Sixteen years ago Thursday she recieved a Presidential medal for Volunteerism from non other than Reagan himself.

At First Presbyterian Church in Livingston, it was just a small crowd listening to a much larger sound.

"He had just returned from the Moscow Summit and was very tired, he and Nancy," said Kiker. "I was very impressed with him on many levels. His positive attitude and how he honored volunteer work."

The toll of a bell is often associated with the passage of time. Friday it signified the passing of a President, one who, like this tribute, touched cities both large and small.