Job Survey Optimistic

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Manpower, Inc., has been conducting its Employment Outlook Survey for 40 years.

Tonya Hancock with the Meridian office, Manpower, Incorporated, said 38 percent of the local companies interviewed in its survey, expect to hire more workers, more than doubling last year's numbers.

According to the survey, 62 percent of companies expect to maintain their current staff and none intend to reduce their workforce.

Hancock said the best job prospects for the third quarter appear to be in the areas of manufacturing, public utilities, wholesale and retail trade and service oriented businesses.

Job-seeker Ken Shadwick said there are more job opportunities available and the economy does appear to be doing better. He said that sense of optimism and the need to pay the bills, fuel his job search.

"It's good they feel more optimistic," said Shadwick. "When you go to apply for a job, that goes a long way."