Meridian Paving Update

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"It's moving along pretty smooth. We've had pretty good weather, even though the rain has slowed us down on a few days," said public works director Monty Jackson.

So far, nine of a total of 45 miles have been overlaid.

Some people have expressed concern because they haven't seen the crews in their area of town.

"The system works. Because the equipment is so hard to move, we try to move it as short a distance as we can because the shorter distance that you move it, the more paving you get done during a weeks period of time," Jackson said.

Work on the major streets is at least a month away because of the work the gas company is doing in laying new underground pipe," said Jackson. "But milling has started on 40th Avenue."

"Milling is a process where a big grinder grinds the asphalt off the existing road. What we've got problems with is, we've put so many layers of asphalt on a street that it has filled up to the gutter," said Jackson.

While the work is going well, Jackson said it will take some time to finish the project.

"We have a construction time of 270 days. That's roughly nine months, so we're talking about around Christmas time," the public works director said.

The total cost of repaving 45 miles of Meridian's streets is $4.3 million.