Cadets Make the Grade

It's an elite program, for which only 5 percent of navy junior ROTC cadets qualify.

Cadets were put through their paces Friday morning, in formation marching drills and quarters inspections.

"It's not really as hard as everyone thinks it would be when they come here. It's kind of easy to start off with," said Cadet Jessica Vance. "You have to have the heart for it, to do it."

Vance admitted with a laugh that getting up at 5:00 a.m. never got easy for her.

Master Sgt. Keith Arceno, USMC, drilled a group of cadets in marching formation. He said they were rough when they arrived but really came through when it counted.

Platoon inspections included close examination of bunks, lockers and drawer storage. Everything is expected to be in neat order, according to Maj. Les Amick, senior naval science instructor for Brother Martin High School in New Orleans.

The high expectations are beneficial for cadets, according to Cadet Lt. J.G. Amick, who assisted in the inspection.

"Cadets learn what they need to take back to their own units," Amick said.