Police Seek More Info in Suspicious Death

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It was Thursday that Leota Brunson, an 83-year-old resident of Old Poplar Place Apartments was found dead in her apartment. Police ruled the death as suspicious and were waiting autopsy results before ruling the death a homicide or natural death.

The autopsy results are in and police have yet to make a final determination in the case.

"She was not stabbed, she was not shot and she was not strangled or any other means that we would rule a homicide," said Detective Dean Harper of the Meridian Police Department.

Even after ruling out all of those, authorities have yet to rule the death a natural one. They are now waiting on a toxicology report which is due back in about six weeks.

In the meantime, they are continuing to question certain key individuals and will keep the investigation open. Authorities also want to assure residents they are safe.

"We have the situation under control and will continue to inform the public as more information becomes available," said Harper.