Crash Claims Four Lives

The two-vehicle happened on Highway 19 in the house community of Neshoba County.

The crash claimed both drivers: Ruth Gordon, 51, of Meridian in 2004 Jeep SUV; Kevin Hendon, 41, of Collinsville in 1996 Chevrolet .

A passenger in each vehicle died: Ella McCoy, 87, of Meridian, passenger in 2004 Jeep SUV; Sharon Carey, 43, of Collinsville, passenger in Chevrolet.

"There's an eyewitness that saw the crash take place. We're not exactly sure at this point. We're still talking to people trying to get as much information as we can before we complete our investigation," said Sgt. Ronnie Carter of the Mississippi Highway Patrol. "The initial report shows the impact took place on or around the center line."

Two passengers in the SUV suffered serious injuries. Annie Heidelberg, 61, and Joseph Gordon, 47, both of Meridian, were taken to Rush Hospital.