Board Approves Large Raises

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During the last legislative session, Mississippi lawmakers voted pay increases for county officials. The funding for the raises is the county's responsibility. No state money is provided.

The Lauderdale County Board of Supervisors approved the increases for all elected officials Monday night. Among the increases were raises for the supervisors themselves. All supervisors, currently making just over $37,000, will be paid $44,700 per year.

The tax assessor and tax collector will each be raised to a salary of $56,000, an increase of about $1,500. In addition, the tax assessor will receive a $6,000 supplement and the tax collector a $5,000 supplement for handling the city’s assessments and collections.

Lauderdale County's prosecuting attorney's salary goes to just over $46,000, up $9,000.

The sheriff is raised from $65,000 to $78,000. Justice Court judges will earn a salary of slightly more than $46,000, about an $8,000 increase.

The two highest-paid county officials are the chancery clerk and circuit clerk. Both are paid based on fees they collect. Their income is presently capped at no more than $83,160, but Monday's vote expands the cap to $90,000.

All increases are effective Oct. 1.