Public Response to Pay Raises

Overall, response was mixed.

"For a part-time job, they're getting enough money now," said Leland Jackson from Causeyville.

"You know, a pay increase right now, I just don't agree with it," says Willie Grace from Meridian.

For Grace and some others, there is great concern about timing.

"Another time would be better than now," says Grace. "It's just, with the economy the way it is and other things that are going on in Meridian, this can wait."

"I know it's been a long time since they've had a raise," said Frances Lawson from Russell, "but I think they need to try and look at the roads and things and all that they need to fix. They need to look at things and try to give everybody a fair share of the money."

Meanwhile, others expressed concern not necessarily about what was done, but instead about how it was done.

"I don't really believe that any public official should be able to vote themselves a raise. It should be left up to the people and the type of job performance they've done," said Carl Weil.

There were those in favor of the vote.

"I think if you work hard enough, you deserve a raise," says Mary Walker from Meridian. "Any time that someone does a service to the community, they deserve a raise."

Whether for or against the pay raise, all of the residents that Newscenter 11 talked to say they have strong views on the issue for very good reasons.

"They are going to raise taxes," says Jackson. "I'd love to see them get a raise, but the poor working 'peons' out there, they just get a small percentage."

"If they haven't had one in a long time, they deserve it because the cost of living is going up," says Lorena Winston of Meridian. "It's going up pretty high and the gas is gone up. I think everyone should have a good pay."