David Ruffin Honored

Do you remember the song, "Ain't Too Proud to Beg" or how about, "My Girl" or maybe even "Get Ready!"

Most people probably do. All are old Motown hits by the group the Temptations.

What some people might not know is that the lead singer on those songs was from Meridian, David Ruffin. He died at age 5 In 1991.

Although most of Ruffin's immediate family have moved away from Meridian, his eldest brother, Dr. Quincy Ruffin, keeps close ties with the area and is now consulting with the city about honoring his brother.

One of the plans on the table includes a mural of Ruffin. Mayor John Robert Smith was out of town Thursday and could not be reached for comment about where the mural would be placed. A sketch of what it will look like is on display at Meridian City Hall.

Meanwhile, Ruffin's brother says he hopes the David Ruffin Foundation, based out of Detroit, can work in someway with the multi-million dollar Riley Arts and Entertainment Center once it opens.

"I would like to see a musical program connected with that in scholarships and other things to kind of propel young people in the musical field to accomplish some of the things they'd like to do," said
Dr. Ruffin.

By doing this, he says it will not only help students but the community at large.

"We do things for the future. And if we can help people say, I can, plus, to look back with pride at the things that other people have accomplished. Then it makes them and gives them that sense that 'I can," said Ruffin.