Meridianites Continue Tradition

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Old friends, classmates, and family gathered for the seventh annual Jacquelen Sweetner Caffey Foundation Scholarship Luncheon. It's part of the five day Meridianites Convention and Picnic.

"We are growing each year and making progress each year," said Johnnie Stennis, national president of the Meridianites Convention.

Progress is the operative word to describe the scholarship foundation, which enhances the educational opportunity of students yearly by awarding them thousands of dollars. It's made possible by the donations of members.

"It is a really great thing that this is available to the students and helps them continue their education," said Brenda Harbin-Forte, who is attending the annual convention.

"This is very important because education was not something that; when I was growing up, was not really available like it is now," said Larry Walker, president of the scholarship foundation.

The special guest speaker of the event was local entrepreneur Edward Lynch of Meridian.

The recipient of the scholarship, Britney Richardson, was not here for the announcement. She will be attending Howard University.

Meridianites Convention festivities will continue into the weekend.