Newton High's Fanning Honored

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The Mississippi Association of Coaches, or the M.A.C., held their annual all-star game Saturday in Decatur. However, the day belonged to another "Mack," Mack Fanning, as Lady Cougar field was officially renamed after the long time coach.

Fanning and his wife, both former teachers at Newton County, say they were surprised by the name change.

"About 10 days ago, I was told this was going to happen. You know, I was totally floored by it. And it was definitely something that I didn't expect at this particular time," says Mack Fanning.

"It's so special, it is such an honor, I didn't think they could have done anything that would have made us happier. He's put in so many hours up her, but he's loved it," says Marie Fanning, his wife.

Fanning, who resigned in May, is now a member of the United States Army after being called to Active Duty and sent to Camp Shelby.

"My duties at Camp Shelby will be to run the food service program for mobe-center Shelby this will consist of the Tennessee National Guard which is now present there," says Fanning.

The Fannings say they are looking forward to this next step in their lives.