Gun Gets Through Airport

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The new security director for Hartsfield Airport has been ordered to find out how a woman got through security with a gun.

The fully loaded 357-Magnum passed through Atlanta security and wasn't discovered till Philadelphia.

Most air passengers have learned to not even try to get through security with a little key-chain knife. So imagine everyone's surprise when they discovered a woman slipping through with a loaded gun.

Federal authorities say Nancy Keller got on a 6:50 a.m. flight from Atlanta with a carry-on bag, and a loaded 357-caliber handgun. She flew to Philadelphia, they said, on U.S. Airways, went outside security, and then came back in for another flight. That's when they saw the gun.

The gun was loaded and she had a full clip with 11 more rounds. The 357 is basically a 40-caliber casing made narrower to hold the 357-caliber bullet. When fired, it's a frightening and deadly weapon.

"Thank goodness they caught the girl, the woman, and found the gun. That's all I can say," said one passenger in Philadelphia. "It's just ludicrous that something like this is to happen with the security like it is today."

Hartsfield Airport Security is no longer Hartsfield's responsibility since the Federal Transportation Security Administration took over.

Willie Williams, the Atlanta Federal Security Director, immediately ordered an investigation to determine where and how the passenger allegedly passed through security without the gun being detected.

Mike and Jeanne Costello went through Atlanta security to fly to Philadelphia.

"Well, I'm not real comfortable that you can get a gun through the security system, but you gotta fly, you gotta go," said Mike Costello.

The federal investigators said 37-year-old Nancy Keller told them the bag, the gun and the ammo belonged to her husband and she didn't know they were there. Leaving the question, why didn't security in Atlanta know?