Mattiace Appeals Tax Bill

Penny Tax
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Andrew Mattiace, developer of the Wal-Mart/Lowe's shopping center said Monday the complex will show sales of about $150 million in its first year.

"It's approximately $400 per square foot," said Mattiace. "Industry average is $225."

A study before construction anticipated the stores would draw from about 10 miles surrounding Meridian.

"We know that in the parking lot there are approximately 16 counties always represented," said Mattiace. "It draws from probably 100 miles."

It has even affected Jackson he said.

"What used to go to Jackson, Mississippi, to shop probably I know that sales are down a little bit on that side of town, Brandon, Rankin County," said Mattiace. "The shoppers in and around Lauderdale County that used to migrate over to the west are staying here and shopping in Lauderdale County."

There are still about seven acres available for future development, four along South Frontage Road and three others nearby.

"We'd love to see historically traditional restaurants thrive between Wal-Mart and Lowe's," said Mattiace. "They generate 20,000 cars a day and all those folks are usually hungry. They stopped on the way in or the way out. That's a great restaurant location."

He said the city of Meridian and Lauderdale County get over $750,000 per year in ad valorem taxes from the development.

Mattiace also met with county supervisors regarding his 2001 tax bill. Nine unusable acres had been assessed with the same value as the usable property.

"I'd like the tax statement to just be corrected," said Mattiace. "The assessed values are inadvertently wrong. There's three and one half million dollars worth of values in those red areas and they are truly zero."

"My vote will be to do everything I can to help people like you to come in here and try to help us make Lauderdale county grow," said Ray Boswell, supervisor of District 5.

The supervisors took Mattiace's request under advisement until they can get an attorney general's opinion.