School Policies Reflect Changing Times

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A major change involves cell phones, beepers, radios or other electronic devices. Students may carry them to school but they just can't use them for either incoming or outgoing calls.

Superintendent Sylvia Autry said if students do there is a penalty.

"The instructor will take the phone away, turn it over to administration. The parent will be required to come pick it up. If that same pupil did that again, then he or she would be subject to suspension for one to three days," Autry said.

The dress code has also been altered. Flapping shirttails will not be permitted. Shirttails will have to be tucked in.

"We're trying to maintain safety in all of our buildings," said Autry. "We just want to be sure that a student doesn't have something under his shirt that he or she shouldn't have on the school campus."

Standards for skirts and shorts were also set. For sixth grade through high school students, skirts and shorts can be no higher than four inches above the knee. For kindergarten through fifth grade students, the length must be at least fingertip length.

There is also a more lenient policy regarding promotion with less emphasis on social studies for elementary or middle school students.

"Not to take away from the importance of social studies, however, in those grades our focus is on reading, language, math and science," said Autry. "So we just felt it would be in the best interest of the child to add to the policy that the principal can make a decision to promote a child that passed everything except social studies."

All changes were approved by board members and will be in effect this fall.