Armed Robbery Ring Arrests

Arrested is 22-year-old Alvino Houston from Preston in Kemper County and 42-year-old Wilbur Evans or Wilbur Jones as he's known from Carthage. Both are charged with robberies in Lauderdale, Neshoba and Kemper Counties.

All happened within the last week. This includes Tuesday's early morning robbery at the Super Stop convenience store in Collinsville. The other robberies they're charged with include another which happened later that morning in Philadelphia and yet another which happened Wednesday at J's Package Store in DeKalb.

Twenty-one-year-old Paul McShepard has also been charged in that robbery. During the armed robbery we're told that gunshots were fired in the store. However, as with the previous robberies no one was hurt.

Finally, although he has not been charged in the DeKalb robbery, 23-year-old Samone Powell from Philadelphia has been charged in the previous two robberies. His bond, along with that for Houston and Jones, has been set at $30,000.

As for McShepard, who is being held in the Kemper County Jail, he still awaiting an initial appearance and thus his bond has not been set.

Meanwhile, investigators say the suspects could face other charges.

"There are other investigations that are ongoing by all of these departments. We're looking at previous armed robberies to see if any of the suspects may be implicated in them," says Major Ward Calhoun with the Lauderdale County Sheriff's Department.

Investigators say some, if not all of the suspects could also face charges in yet another armed robbery which happened this week in Meridian. If found guilty in the cases the men could face up to 15 years in prison for each charge.