Our Town, Philadelphia: Williams Brothers Store

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Williams Brothers Store is located in Williamsville, just off Highway 15. For a century it has been the place to shop in Neshoba County.

Being able to get everything in one stop is something a lot of people like. And it's a niche that Williams Brother created, long before the idea was taken up by major retailers.

It could very well be what has made and kept the store so popular. You can get groceries there, along with clothing and shoes, although the store is basically unchanged from 100 years ago.

In 1907, the Williams Brother, Amsey and Brown, moved to Philadelphia as mule traders from Leake County, Miss. They decided to open a general store.

Since then, the store has been run by the Williams family. They say they try to keep it as it was back then.

Customers say they come back because of the family feel...and of course, the fresh-sliced bacon and cheese.