Council on Happy Trail

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The Meridian City Council has approved taking bids for the project.

The proposed trail, approximately three and one half miles in length and costing between $200,000 and $300,000 will be 80 percent funded by Federal Highway and Mississippi Department of Transportation money. The city of Meridian will pay the other 20 percent.

Public Works director Monty Jackson described the project to the council.

"It's kind of like the gravel path going up in the woods we've got now, similar to that type path going around the lake," Jackson said.

The surface will be crushed limestone which Jackson says packs down so firmly a wheelchair can be operated on it.

Mayor John Robert Smith described the project being for hiking, walking and biking.

The trail will be eight feet wide, enough so that two people can walk side by side and still leave room enough for a bicycle to pass.

The present horse trails will not conflict with the bicycle trail.

Horses yield to bikes, bikes yield to pedestrians and horses yield to pedestrians. A walker may walk on any of the trails.

Bids will be taken within the next 60 days. Construction time is expected to be about six months after a bid is selected.

In other business, an increase in taxi cab fees were approved by the council.

All rates increased, including mileage, extra passenger, waiting time and those for handling luggage.

In addition, the Meridian cab company will change the color of their cabs, from gold to white with red trim.