Commandments Command Attention

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At least five monuments of the Ten Commandments have been placed around the city of Meridian: two at a local church and three at business locations.

But Meridian's chief administrative officer Ken Storms said a monument on the city's right-of-way, at the corner of 23rd Avenue and 9th Street, is a concern for the city.

"When we put works of art up, there is a process, depending on whether it is city property, and the mayor is the one that gives the okay," said Storms.

The CAO said the city is also responsible for ensuring that items placed on city right-of-way do not block the view of drivers or pedestrians. However, Storms said the city was not contacted about the Ten Commandments display.

"(We) in city government did not know and we should know," said Storms. "And if it was private property, that would be fine, but it's not."

Newscenter 11 contacted Mike Bunkley of Meridian, the local representatives of Jesus Saves Ministries, who is responsible for erecting the monuments. He told us by phone that he does not see the sign as a safety hazard, but that he and the ministry would abide by what the city is saying and make sure safety comes first.

Late Thursday afternoon, Storms contacted WTOK to say that he has finally spoken to Bunkley and a meeting has been planned to address the issue of the monument's placement.

In addition, Bunkley said the ministry is currently working to set up two monuments in every state capitol in the country.