Check Cashing Scam

On June 30 at midday, the Cash Money check cashing business in Newton was swindled out of more than $2,000, but it wasn't alone.

"Apparently several Hispanic males have gotten access to a checking account number and have been going around writing checks and cashing them at the local check cashing companies," says Lt. Brian Kelly with the Newton Police Department. "I know that the business in Forest was also hit on that same day and we're still investigating other places around the state.

We're told that other places where similar cases are being investigated include Meridian. However, that's not the case’s only connection to the Queen City. According to investigators the checks which the four men cashed listed a Meridian address for the person or employer who allegedly issued the checks. That address was 1826 1/2 on 11th Avenue, an address which we found does not exist.

Other things that authorities say just didn't add up about the identification used by the suspects include: there were one or two misspelled words on them, and their driver's licenses were listed out of Georgia, with the "Cotton State" printed on the top. Authorities say perhaps that would have been fine, however, Georgia is not the Cotton State, but instead the Peach State.

Because authorities are not sure if the names which the suspects gave are their real ones. The only description available is that they were four Hispanic males. If found guilty they could face felony forgery and/or fraud charges. Anyone with information on the case is asked to call the Newton Police Department (601) 683-2041.

"It may take a couple of weeks or several months to find these people but eventually if they keep doing this they WILL get caught,” says Lt. Kelly.