School Adopts Uniform Policy

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Starting in August, students at Magnolia Middle School will have to adhere to a new dress code. The students will be required to wear khaki pants or shorts or skirts and either a white or maroon, polo or oxford style shirt, but there will be a few options for their wardrobe.

"Above that, students will have the option from several vendors to purchase T shirts, as well as pullovers, sweaters, and possibly even jogging suits," said assistant principal Jonas Crenshaw.

The students must also have their shirts tucked in and wear belts when appropriate.

School officials say it's an effort to decrease the more than 600 dress code violations from last year and increase safety and learning.

"Ultimately it will get the focus back on the classroom instruction and not on what the students are wearing to school each day," Crenshaw said.

He said it will also make it easier to identify someone who doesn't belong on school grounds. Teachers have also expressed an interest in following the dress code, but they are not required to do so. For students, however, enforcement will be strict.

"The first time they come to the office for dress code violation, they will be placed in parent care. The second time they will be under 'In School Suspension.' From that point we will follow the discipline ladder as prescribed by the school district," the assistant principal said.