Annexation Foe Makes Move

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Dr. A.M. "Bubba" Martin, an Eagle Pointe resident and opponent to Meridian's annexation effort is moving back to town. It does not mean, he says, a change of heart about the process.

"Oh, by no means. Our decision to move has nothing to do with annexation, pro or con," Martin said. "The decision to move is pure and simply an economic decision that two older folks are looking at in an attempt to downsize into a smaller house."

Martin said he will continue to spearhead various drives to fund the opposition to the city's annexation.

"We have done well. The process of fundraising is a long drawn out process. It occurs in spurts and quite honestly the increase in contributions seems to follow on the heels of increase in publicity. Where there is no publicity, folks tend to forget that there is an annexation lawsuit going on, but once the public becomes aware that it is still active, then appeals for additional funding seem to do very well," said Martin.

Martin said there will be no change in his attitude toward annexation or in his efforts to block it.

"I will not only stand beside them, but will continue to exercise any so-called leadership that may be required of me," he said. "Certainly the things that I have done in the past I will continue to do in the future until we are able to see this case to its conclusion."

The case was to have been heard in Lauderdale County Chancery Court Aug. 2 but is likely to be put off until January.