Soldier Dies in Home

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Master Sgt. Charles Clint Snow was shot and killed Friday in his home while he and his family were packing for a vacation to Pigeon Forge, Tennessee.

Snow was hit in the back when a .357 magnum discharged and hit him in the back.

Lamar County investigator Tim Lindsey said there was nothing to indicate the shooting wasn't an accident.

Snow, a 20 year veteran, has served two tours in Korea and served in the first Persian Gulf War. He was responsible for helping train the chemical units serving with the Alabama National Guard, stationed at Camp Shelby.

Snow, originally of Mobile, Ala., served in the 3346 regiment of the 3rd Brigade, 87th Division.

U.S. Army Capt. Pedro Molino served as Snow's supervisor, but said he was more like a brother.

"He was an excellent soldier and such a wonderful person," said Molino. "He was the best sergeant I have ever met in my entire military career."

Snow is survived by his wife Lillian and a son, Charles Clint Snow, Jr., age 16.