Lott: "U.S. Intelligence a Failure"

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Senator Trent Lott says there was a failure in intelligence leading up to the war in Iraq. He spoke two days after the Senate Intelligence Committee he sits on concluded unanimously that the CIA provided false and unfounded assessments of the threat posed by Iraq that the administration used to justify going to war.

The Mississippi Senator says the intelligence problems date back to the 1970s. He said the re needs to be some reform in the way intelligence information is developed.

"He acted and used the information that was given to him by the intelligence community, same information we received. It was wrong. And by the way, I think it should be noted that this was a unanimous, bipartisan report that came out of the Senate Intelligence Committee. There was a failure of intelligence. It was inaccurate, it was misleading. There were a lot of problems." Lott said Sunday.

Senator Trent Lott says the country needs a new permanent CIA director now to replace George Tenet whose last day with the agency is tomorrow.

Lott says that based on the high threat level the country faces, the US cannot afford to not have a permanent CIA director. Lott says he has heard of a handful of names that he would support, among them Congressman Porter Goss, chairman of the House Intelligence Committee