University Expands Offerings

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Three new master's degree programs were announced Tuesday at a news conference.

The first is a Master of Arts in secondary education designed to help those who may want a career change.

"They may be fresh out of college or they may be a career person who decides later in life that he or she would like to change career paths," said Dr. Sue Minchew, interim dean of MSU Meridian's College of Education.

The second degree now offered will be a Master of Arts in teaching at the community college level. It is set up to help focus on subject area and also teaching techniques.

"This is a program that has been established to provide for teachers to go into community college," said Dr. George Thomas, chairman of MSU Meridian's Division of Education. "They take 18 semester hours of graduate work in a subject matter field that they plan to teach in college. The other class work deals with how you do become an instructor in the community college."

The third degree now offered will be a Master of Business Administration. The unique aspect of this degree will be that it is offered on Saturdays. The classes will meet for eight hours a day over the course of 18 months.

"Other companies like Lockheed or Raytheon, where they typically work longer hours, like ten hour days, it makes it almost impossible for them to have night classes. So with a Saturday program, they can work their regular work week and then come on Saturdays," said Dr. Jack Tucci, chairman of MSU Meridian's Division of Business.