Last Buckeyes Leave NAS

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The saying "all good things must come to an end" came to mind as the final two T-2C Buckeye training jets left Meridian Naval Air Station's McCain Field headed for the desert of Tucson, Arizona where they will be "mothballed".

Lt. Floyd Williams is one of the pilots who made the flight.

"It makes me feel very proud and very honored," said Lt. Floyd Williams, one of four pilots who made the flight.

The Navy has been phasing out the T2-Buckeye for several years as it transitioned to the newer, more efficient T45-Goshawk.

"The T2 is a great aircraft, but it is an older aircraft," said Cmdr. Paul Shankland of VT-9. "While it's sturdy and extremely safe, the newer Goshawk has the modern glass cockpit with digital information, with today's modern, more tactical aircraft that the students who finish here will see out in the fleet."

After a brief farewell ceremony, the Buckeyes took to skies, bringing to a close the final chapter of the T2-Buckeye's history of naval pilot training at NAS Meridian.