Supply Our Students

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With a check in their hands and a room full of supplies, the United Way
of East Mississippi, along with the Riley Foundation, officially kicked off a campaign to supply children with school supplies.

"The students are the future and it is extremely important that students in need get the supplies they need to be productive adults and young adults and that is why it is important to us," said Bubba Hampton with the United Way.

It can cost as much as $50 to send a kid to school fully prepared. Some families simply can't bear that burden. The United Way will use the $10,000 donation from the Riley Foundation to supply 500 children in need with the proper school gear.

"The first of day of school is so important to a child and to be able to go to school and be prepared with school supplies can be very helpful," said Leslie Payne, exec. director of Care Lodge a shelter for victims of domestic violence in Meridian.

The Riley donation is only part of the campaign. The United Way has placed drop boxes all across the area, encouraging you to donate supplies. Those supplies include Number 2 pencils, crayons and ball point pens, wide-ruled notebook paper, glue, rulers, scissors, spiral notebooks and folders.

"The community always come together when we need them to. It allows us to broaden our base for the number of students we can serve," said Hampton.

The Supply our Students campaign will last well past the first day of school. Initial supplies will be handed out next week, all others at a later date on a first come, first served basis.

One donation from you is a small price to pay that will help alleviate a large burden from a child, a burden that when lifted might place those kids at the head of the class.