Business Moving On

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In the process of settling its dispute with the Mississippi Department of Transportation, Little Acre on Highway 493 in Bailey is selling its patio, deck furniture and other items.

Several months ago, the owners were notified the highway was to be widened and the work would require taking the business's parking lot. Without parking, owner Rita Morris said she would have to close.

After months of negotiations, the dispute has finally been solved.

"MDOT has agreed to buy our building. We have already signed a contract on it and we'll be moving in, going to a new location in October," Morris said. "We will be down a month, at least, moving and setting up in the new location."

That location will also be on Highway 493 but closer to Meridian, about 2.5 miles past North Hills Street.

"It's the best we can do, I think," said Morris. "What with no parking, we would have lost more. We're losing where we are now, with MDOT, but then we would have lost more if we had stayed here and tried to keep our business open with no parking."

Morris said she sees this move as making her business bigger and better.

"We will be in a larger building, 15,000 square feet, and we're hoping that in the long term that we'll come out on the better end," she said.

While Little Acre will be moving this summer and fall, actual work on widening Highway 493 will not begin until 2006.