Lott: Same-Sex Marriage Issue Not Over

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Sen. Trent Lott said he was disappointed with the lack of support in the Senate for the proposed Constitutional amendment, but said the effort to get the amendment passed isn't over yet.

"People are hesitant to amend the constitution and that is the right thing to do. We shouldn't amend it frivolously, lightly. We should do it rarely, where it's really needed," Lott said. "But if you ask the American people a list of issues that they think are worth considering amending the constitution for, to have a clear definition of what marriage means as being between a man and a woman, as it has been for thousands of years, that seems like something that would be worth considering."

Is the issue so important that it could affect the outcome of the presidential election? Sen. Lott said he thinks it is.

"I think the fact that (Sen. John) Kerry and (Sen. John) Edwards are against marriage being defined as between a man and a woman, that is a losing issue for them," Lott said.

Speaking of the election, Lott said he agrees that voters are already tired of the campaign but said he hopes interest will increase later in the year.

"In the end, over in October for a lot of reasons most people will pay attention and hopefully a majority will go to the polls and vote," said Lott. "But they've got a challenge because there is a certain amount of boredom with it already."

Lott said both candidates are having a problem getting the attention of the voters.