Utah Man Tops $1 Million on Jeopardy

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Ken Jennings, a self-described nerd from Salt Lake City, Utah, is taking the country by storm. He's been showcased on ESPN, ribbed on Late Night and interviewed about his buzzer technique on Good Morning America.

"If you're too early, you get locked out. If you're too late you get beat," said Jennings. "There is a very narrow sweet spot. You sort of get in a rhythm, I guess."

And what a rhythm. This 30-year-old software engineer has shattered Jeopardy records, winning more than $1 million on 30 straight shows. He makes it look so easy.

In his month and a half long run, Jennings has answered more than 1,000 questions on every imaginable topic. He says he doesn't have a photographic memory. He claims to be just like the rest of us.

"Just like anybody else, through repetition and reading about those things I'm interested in; things tend to stick," Jennings said.

Jennings is benefiting from a new rule on Jeopardy. A champion no longer has to leave after five days.

Ratings for the game show are up 30 percent, as people across the country tune in wondering which question finally will stump the Jeopardy guy.

Jeopardy airs Monday through Friday on WTOK-TV at 11:00 a.m.