School Break-In

Currently undergoing some renovations, it was much more than just cosmetic changes that have Sumter County High in somewhat disarray. That's because sometime Friday night someone broke into the school.

"There was nothing taken as for what the principal and the faculty could determine, but there was significant damage done to some equipment," says York Police Chief Ricky Thomas.

Damage estimated to equal almost $5,000. Aside from damage to a back door, a now repaired window and glass in a door were also broken in the main office.

After leaving the front office, the suspect or suspects apparently broke the dead bolt lock on the door leading into the principal's office. It appears they then began looking for money in drawers. However, school officials speculate that when they did not find any cash they began destroying all of the surveillance equipment.

"It's a very serious crime," says Chief Thomas. "Burglary 3 and Criminal Mischief 1 are class "C" crimes. You're talking possibly up to 10 years in prison."

At last check no arrests had been made. However, anyone with information on the break-in is asked to call York Police at (205) 392 5261.