Smith Goes On the Record

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Meridian City Councilman Bobby Smith said he is confident the city is going in the right direction and that everybody is now on the same page. He cited the paving program as an example.

"The paving's going on real good right now and when it's over with people are going to be proud," said Smith, who represents Ward 5. "But we're still going to have some streets that need resurfacing and I'm hoping to get some help out of the board of supervisors for some of those streets that we're not able to do with the $6 million."

Smith said he wants the new garbage contract to be with a firm that will pick up everything people put out for collection. He also advocated hiring four more police officers. Newscenter 11 asked if this could be accomplished without a tax increase.

"I hope so," said the council president. "We're going to have to tighten our belts and cut back in other areas."

Smith said he opposes bypasses being built around Meridian, favors annexation and believes the city should continue efforts to collect the money owed by the town of Marion for wastewater treatment.

As for his own future, Smith acknowledged some people have urged him to run for mayor in 2005.

"I'm honored that they think that. But I will make my announcement before the year's out. I will call a press conference and tell the public what I intend to do," said Smith.

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