Deputy Shoots, Injures Man

Clarke County deputy Barry White fired his weapon while trying to serve a misdemeanor simple assault warrant around 10:00 p.m. Tuesday night.

Sheriff Todd Kemp said Tillman Jenkins, 69, answered the door, displaying a small caliber handgun and attempted to fire it. Kemp said a cartridge in Jenkins gun had a firing pin mark on it, but the weapon may have malfunctioned.

White shot Jenkins once in the lower torso. Jenkins is in stable condition at a Meridian hospital.

Kemp said white acted within the scope of his duty and disciplinary action will not be taken.

The sheriff said the warrant involved an alleged incident Monday at the Clarke County courthouse. Prosecuting attorney George Williams said Jenkins hit him. Williams subsequently signed an affidavit against Jenkins. White was attempting to serve that paper.

Kemp said the Highway Patrol is assisting in the investigation.