Honoring Alabama Troops

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Soldiers from the 287th Transportation Unit based out of Livingston, Alabama walked proudly across the stage. They received metals during an honor ceremony in support of Operation Iraqi Freedom.

"This ceremony is for the soldiers and I am very proud of them," said CPT Christopher E. Busic, Commander of the 287th Transportation Company.

"It’s great to be back home and around family and friends," said SFC Robert Walker.

In attendance to congratulate the soldiers for the honor was Alabama Congressman Artur Davis.

"I just wanted to personally be her because we know all to well the sacrifice they are making," said Davis.

The company along with its detachment located in Anniston, Alabama mobilized approximately 300 soldiers in February of 2003 to their mobilization station at Fort Benning, GA and then it was on to Iraq in March of the same year where their duties were to transport military cargo in Iraq.