Probe Underway into Riot

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At least 28 inmates from Colorado were involved in the uprising at the Tallahatchie County Correctional Facility on Wednesday.

No one was injured at the facility, operated by Corrections Corporation of America. The prison was on lockdown Thursday.

CCA spokeswoman Louise Chickering said the inmates were sent to the Tallahatchie County facility because they had a history of behavioral problems within the Colorado corrections system. She said the only way they'll return is either through good behavior or completion of their sentence.

Inmates set ablaze mattresses and their clothing during the riot at the Tutwiler facility. The disturbance occurred a day after a similar riot at Crowley Correctional Facility in Colorado, which is also run by CCA.

Chickering says CCA is investigating whether the incidents had been coordinated, but said "our sense is that it was not.''