Meridian Regional Buys Key Brothers

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Meridian Regional Airport has something to brag about this week. On Wednesday the Airport Authority finalized a deal to purchase Key Brothers Flying Service. The new acquisition will make Meridian Regional Airport the sole provider of fuel in the area, a first of its kind with some revenue benefits to boot.

"In fact we are the only commercial airport in Mississippi to do this, and the revenue we will get is great to. We have projected that after expenses we will bring about $200,000 from fuel sales alone," said Tom Williams, CEO of Meridian Regional Airport.
That's on top of the $500,000 profit the airport already makes each year. Until last April fuel sales were privatized by two separate entities. Then the Meridian Regional Airport purchased Meridian Aviation and now Key Brothers. The restored historic Key Brothers terminal and hanger along with several fuel truck were acquired for a price tag of over $400,000.

One of the main aspects of the purchase is that Key Brothers is the main fuel provider for military installations and commercial airlines. That revenue will now go to the Meridian Regional Airport.

"We will put that money back into he airport, improve our private flight service and hangers, and maybe give incentives to bring more business and continue the growth of this airport. Its just a real advantaged to have this source of revenue," said Williams.

Its an advantage and revenue that is directly related to economic development in this area. No plans have been finalized on what changes might be made on Meridian Regional Airport, Meridian Aviation or Key Brothers. It’s clear that in the case the sky is definitely not the limit.