Lott: Kerry a "French Speaking Socialist"

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It was national politics on a local stage at the Neshoba County Fair Wednesday as U.S. Senator Trent Lott and Congressman Chip Pickering stumped for President George W. Bush and the Republican Party.

"I know this about George Bush, he is a good man, a strong leader with a strong faith, George Bush has a spiritual side to him that I am proud of," said U.S. Senator Lott.

"The Neshoba County Fair is a place of great tradition, from Ronald Reagan to Michael Dukakis to John Glen and Jack Kemp. This is the center of the south a place where you can communicate a strong faith and a leadership that we want to lead this nation," said Congressman Chip Pickering.

The time was opportune as well, as democrats gather in Boston for the convention. Senator Lott did not hide his criticism for the Democratic ticket. At one point he referred to John Kerry as a "French speaking socialist."

"Well the Neshoba County Fair, is a great place, one of the best events in Mississippi. And it’s a political season and you need a little fire and brimstone," said Lott about his comments on Kerry.

Both Pickering and Lott agreed this year's Presidential election will depend on big issues like the economy, foreign affairs, and big cultural issue like gay marriage. They both say that come November Mississippi will vote for Bush.

It’s no surprise the lack of democratic presence at the Neshoba County Fair. But you can be assured that democrats are waging their own grass roots effort across the nation, a sign that both Democrats and Republicans are not taking any vote for granted come November.